David Kohn 1Let’s get down to it.

The question: Why should you trust me to dig up accurate, no-nonsense, detailed consumer information for you?

The answer: I’ve had a lot of practice – and I do mean a lot – probing for information, deeply analyzing it, then assembling it in a user-friendly form.

My name is David Kohn. I’m a prize-winning journalist and consumer advocate with more than 20 years of reporting experience, digging hard to get the answers, then explaining the information in clear and simple terms. I’ve also had a lifelong passion for unearthing tons of information to guide me when I’m considering an important purchase.

I’m tough. When I went looking for a financial planner, I spent loads of time finding three great ones. Then I grilled them for two hours apiece. When buying long-term care insurance, I first found the most financially stable companies, then developed nearly six pages full of questions I could put to insurance agents. When I found I had the right company but the wrong agent, I fired the agent. Then I got another, better one from the company. When my wife and I went house-hunting, I created a long, long list of questions to be answered and criteria to be met before we would even consider making an offer.

It’s not just the big stuff I sink my teeth into. When I was looking to rent a storage locker, the exasperated manager of one facility asked: “All these questions just for a storage locker?” My reply: “You’re damned lucky you’re not selling me a car.”

Incidentally, many of the services and goods I’m talking about I’ve hired, bought or rented myself, so I know the drill.

Now you can take advantage of what I’ve learned pain-free. I’ll take the load of doing hours and hours of research off your back. Let me arm you with great information as well, so you can find the right person, right product or right service you need — successfully and with a minimum of  hassle!

David Kohn
Your Straight-From-the-Shoulder Consumer Advocate